GCHQ Comprehensive Services

All of your GyroCopter services, all in one place

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of GCHQ Services to ensure our clients receive the highest standards of quality and most reliable service possible. Whether you visit us for a comprehensive service, to diagnose and rectify an issue or if you require more heavy maintenance tasks to be carried out, we have all the equipment and knowledge to ensure your aircraft leaves us in the best condition. Our aim is to be the Gyro centre of excellence in the UK, so we’re setting the bar high and expect you to be consistently satisfied with our work every time we have the pleasure of working on your aircraft. We understand that not being able to fly your aircraft due to an issue is deeply frustrating and for some of you means the aircraft isn’t earning you money like intended, we therefore endeavour to have your aircraft on the ground with as little down-time as possible. We’ve outlined the key services we offer below and hope to see you very soon. 

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Annual Servicing

When it comes to your annual gyroplane service, you should be aware that at GCHQ your aircraft is going to be serviced to the highest standard, with genuine parts and completed in timely fashion. This is our guarantee to you, whilst still providing value for money. Graham has completed several hundred gyro services in his career and he still gives the same care and attention to detail now as he did with his first one. Servicing is absolutely key to ensuring your aircraft is running just as it should, and if carried out correctly in accordance with the maintenance manuals should ensure you get the maximum life out of your gyro. Call us today to discuss our servicing packages.

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Permit Inspection & Renewal

Our very own LAA Inspector Graham Shackleton can provide a fully managed LAA Permit Renewal service, that means there's no need for you to worry about completing any forms or documentation. An inspection is carried out usually within a few hours, however, why not bring your aircraft to us for its annual and we can carry out the inspection whilst working through your service, saving you time and money.

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Repairs & Overhauls

From time to time your aircraft may require some extra attention. If you find your gyro needs some repair work - minor or major and you would like to be kept informed about what is needed to get your aircraft back to optimum performance then speak to GCHQ. We would carry out an initial inspection, provide a clear and precise quote for the parts and labour and do all work necessary. Graham himself has rebuilt gyros, stripping them back to the frame and fixing them back up.